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・2023.3.1【研究論文掲載】Detection of Zn2+ ions using a high-affinity low-molecular-weight fluorescence probe in two freshwater organisms, Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences (2023),Springer

・2023.2.28【研究論文掲載】Individual and combined effects of humic acid on life‑history characteristics of the water flea Moina macrocopa upon whole‑lifespan cadmium exposure, Hydrobiologia(2023),DOI

・2023.2.24【研究論文掲載】Water Pollution and Pollution–Control Capacity in Chinese Provinces: Panel Estimations of Provincial Environmental Kuznets Curves, Sustainability 2023, 15(5), 3979;

・2023.2.22 エコデザイン株式会社さまへ、研究打合せ訪問しました。

・2023.1.11 研究論文電子版8月掲載分の冊子が発行されました。

Limnology, Volume 24, Issue 1, January 2023,


Cadmium uptake and oxidative-stress-induced DNA alterations in the freshwater cladoceran Moina macrocopa (Straus 1820) following consecutive short-term exposure assessments

短期暴露評価によるタマミジンコMoina macrocopa (Straus 1820)のカドミウム取込みと酸化ストレスに誘発されたDNA変化

・2023.1.10 【研究論文掲載】Solid–Liquid Separation of Dairy Barn by Electrocoagulation with Cationic Polymer Coagulant, IOP Science

・2023.1.10 【研究論文掲載】A Review of Emerging Scientific Discussions on Green Infrastructure (GI)-Prospects towards Effective Use of Urban Flood Plains, MDPI.

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