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Takeshi Fujino,

Professor, Ph.D. (Science, Biological and Environmental Sciences)
・Pollution Control Manager (Water Quality related, Type 1)
・River Counselor (Arakawa River), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
・Representative of Saitama Green Infrastructure SDGs Study Group
・Director, AJMMC Japan-Myanmar Exchange Association
・Part-time lecturer at the Open University of Japan (Adachi Study Center)


Saitama University Graduate School of Science and Engineering Division of Environmental Science and Social Infrastructure





2023.12.16_Ageo City/Okegawa City Primrose Trust Land_Management work and nature observation event 

Ma Gun Gun Painting 20210921.jpg

2021.9.21 Painting by Magungun

2021.6.17_Near Ageo City Ryoke Trust Land.jpg

2021.6.17_Near Ageo City Ryoke Trust Land

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